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Bawse “The Hustla”

Bawse is an American songwriter/rapper and Los Angeles County native who was born on September 5, 1991 in Las Vegas, NV. Bawse’s family moved to the Antelope Valley at a young age where Bawse attended Quartz Hills high school. It is here where Bawse found his passion for making music. His interest started with him being inspired by west coast legends such as Ice Cube, Snoop, Tupac and eventually some of the newer icons such as Nipsey Hussle. Music has always ran through his veins which is the reason Bawse has been making music for over years. When asked where it all started, Bawse replied, “its always been natural for me i guess the question should be when will i finish.”  Bawse has been working on projects with label mates from Hard Critics Records for the past 7 years so it was only right to bring him on board to add that missing element. His most recent single released is entitled “Moonwalking” which has a laid back feel of California summer nights and it’s sure to leave you hitting that repeat button.

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