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Glenn Jackson  “The Capricorn Goat”

Glenn Jackson deemed “The Capricorn Goat” grew up in the suburbs of Antelope Valley, California. Glenn is the latest addition to the Hard Critics roster and brings a whole new world of talent and star power to this dynamic organization. His upbringing  consisted of spending time alone in solidarity. Through this journey in life, music became his only friend. In his own words. “I wish I was spiritual like Chance, as deep as Cole, could make a hooks like Drake or as respected as Kendrick, but im just me”. His style is very unique and truly creates its own sub-genre within the realm of alternative hip hop. He draws inspiration from people that work hard, think different and have a mystic about them. Glenn Jackson’s style of music is anything with feeling. “Make me mad, make me sad, but make me feel”, is the motto Glenn lives by. His new album entitled “RUN” is about about running away in many respects. This project is sure to show the true diversity of the Hard Critics Roster and display yet another icon among Hard Critics superstars. Glenn’s long term goal is to grow as an artist, as a man, and as an inspiration for the next generation. Stay tuned for his upcoming album “RUN” which is due to release late 2020. This classic you do not want to miss out on. It will have you in touch with every deep emotion your mind can fathom.

Fav quote right now is by Einstein “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

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