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Shonn P “The Poet”

A Creative mind such as the artist “ Shonn P ” doesn’t come along often having such a diverse sound and unbound imagination. He comes literally from everywhere in the Los Angeles County. His footprint stretches from the Northridge, CA at birth to the “Bottoms”, a rough neighborhood that spans the streets of Inglewood, CA. Lastly, he migrated to the beach staying with an Uncle and Aunt in Santa Monica eventually ending up the “desert” known as the Antelope valley. Antelope Valley is where he finally calls “ Home ” given this is the location music began to flourish. His music carries a cool attitude and laid back style which can be heard when free-styling in groups with peers. The compliments and encouragement from classmates lead him to perform more and more, being a natural entertainer in high school. Shonn P found himself eventually pursuing music for much more than a just a hobby, it was a career. Music always came easy to Shonn, quoting, “ I love to hear my words come alive whether its me or words I wrote for someone else ”. On his journey he linked up with a couple of talented quartz hill artists to form a group by the name of Red Diggie Roxx. After some local fame and being a topic of discussion, Shonn and one of the other group members would later break off and form another group entitled ” The Hundredz “. Later this group was introduced to “ Jouce ”, a prominent rising star at the time who would eventually join the group. Collectively, this trio would go on to release the hit single “ Goin in ”. Goin in debuted number #1 on all local charts / radio for the Antelope Valley during the summer/fall of 2011. Even though this momentum helped to gain tremendous buzz for Shonn, it was not enough. Eventually the group dismantled, however, Shonn and Jouce remained close and eventually led to Jouce bringing Shonn onboard with Hard Critics Records. Now with the same camp but as a solo artist, “ Shonn P ” has dropped his first Official single on the label entitled “ SLAY ”, which is now available on iTunes and Spotify. His new album entitled “Sides of a Gemini” is currently under way and sure to sweep this industry off their feet once it releases. This project is a new evolved feel from Shonn P and definitely shows his growth and maturity as an artist. Stay tuned for this classic as its sure to be one to go down in the books!

shonn p hard critics 2     shonn p hard critics

shonn p HC     shonn p in the studio

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