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X  “The King Pin”

X dubbed “The King Pin”, is one of the original members since the founding of Hard Critics Records. He is also an executive on the label who oversees marketing, branding and promotional campaigns for the Hard Critics Roster. Aside from managerial oversight, X is a very eclectic artist who also currently in the process constructing his global music imprint. His style is unlike anything you’ve heard before and  is sure to shake this industry up in ways its never seen before. Currently his focus is constructing the public image of the label and ensuring all projects for current artist are of their highest quality.  Once international exposure is obtained for all current artist, his artistry is certainly up next and in line to dominate alongside his  peers. Be sure to keep up with all updates regarding X via his social media profiles. This icon is a serious threat and one you cant keep your eye away from. #KINGPIN

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